I am an italian academic physician and scientist, and have been working in UK Universities for the last 35 years.

I’ve been a vintage watch collector for many years, with a special interest in manual-wind Chronometres.

My private collection has grown, and spans across several manufacturers, from 1925 to the 1980s. At the same time, has grown also my desire to seek and provide detailed information online about these vintage timepieces.

I’ve collected a good deal of information on these vintage pieces, and will be presenting watches from my collection, as well as original articles that i have written, often in two languages (italian and english).

The primary purpose of the site is to share information about rare and vintage pieces with other enthusiasts.

From time to time, I’ve been known to purchase a particularly fine or rare specimen I’m shown – and to sell some. Feel free to contact me.

I also get the occasional request to appraise a watch, which I am happy to do, time permitting.

If you have any questions, want to share your delight for a watch or want to discuss something, mail me at info@squelettewatches.com