PAF, FAP, MOD : Omega goes to War (EN)

As we know, in 1957 Omega launched the watches,the Seamaster CK2913, Railmaster CK2914 and Spedmaster CK2915.

All three had the hour hand as broad-arrow , Naiad-type crowns and were soon professionally used as indicated in this advertisement from 1957 (Three high-precision watches for special assignments).


Between the first armed Forces to assign them to their pilots were the Fuerza Aerea Peruana and the Pakistani Air Force (excellent Omega clients at the time).

There are also examples from the RAF / MOD , but they were never formally assigned, and because of this are rarer that the triplet I will present here below.

In the past years I have managed to collect this trio of Masters. All three of them have Omega Exctract from Archives confirming their military assignment in the MOD, PAF and FAP. They have the assignment nubers on the back and IMHO are original in all their parts.

Here are some images, the ufliest are my production, the best are from the previous owners.

I really like them, and I like to imagine that can now rest in my watch box, and as veterans the tell each other their military stories. And probably look down patronisingly on their civilian counterparts, calling them civvies.

Omega Seamaster 300, cal. 552, ref. 165024, delivered to the Royal Navy on 13th Aug 1970.

Omega Railmaster 135.004, cal. 286. Delivered to the Pakistani Air Force on 9th July 1964. Part of the second issue of Railmasters to the PAF.

Omega CK2998-6, cal. 321, delivered to the Peruvian Air Force, produced 25th June 1962.

This last watch, FAP ref 2988, has sadly been sold in 2017 🙁